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    Stroked n' Whippled LS3 Pro-Touring '68 Camaro

    I'm finally getting around to starting the build thread. I've referred to so many other builds on this and similar websites over the past 1.5 years, thanks to all of you for the inspiration. ...but why did ALL of you forget to tell me how addicting and expensive this hobby is?! I've never done a project like this and/or made a build thread so let me know if there are any other suggestions on what I should be doing with making this build thread. Thanks all!

    With the tremendous help this website offers, I have been able to figure out a lot of questions with this thing. The only thing that keeps stumping me is the name of the project. I'm looking for suggestions. Any help with that?! I'm about to name it "BallzDeep" because it seems like a never ending project and every time another big expense comes up all I can say is "Well, I've come this far with it, might as well keep going".

    This thing started back in June of 2014. I have always loved and wanted a 67-69 Camaro. I have owned and toyed with plenty of newer modern sports and "muscle" cars but have always had a thing for pro touring older cars. I found this thing on Craigslist about 2 hours south of me and called with some questions. It looked good in pictures and sounded even better when I went to check it out. Next thing you know, I'm trailering this thing home. I knew the paint and body had been redone and half-assed but the car looked and sounded great from 10 feet away. Being a rookie to older cars, I wasn't exactly sure what to pay attention to with body/paint issues. Now I know! ...the left/rear quarter panel had been chop shop replaced, rust in many locations was covered with mud, paint over-spray, misaligned body gaps, etc. But it looked and sounded great!

    A few months after I bought it

    After approximately four months of driving and playing with it, I starting thinking about how nice it would be to have comfortable seats and an engine that was fuel injected with no odor of raw fuel when I drove it. Here's where it alllll begins!

    I called a guy I know at LKQ used part/salvage yard in Denver and simply asked if he ever comes across any decently priced and low mile LS2's with T56's bolted to them. He said he could probably find something for me. Well, about two months later he calls me and says "Hey, I can't find any LS2's but I do have an LS3 with the TR6060 sitting on it in a wrecked 2013 Camaro SS with only 1,100 miles." Boom! Perfect. It was mine. I then advertised and sold the 383 stroker, 700r4, ignition system, fuel system, and all of the other accessories that were in the car as a turn-key package on Craigslist within a couple of weeks.

    Now I get to thinking again... Crap, now I'll have a newer modern engine but I'm still going to have old crappy loose steering and suspension. Next thing you know, I'm looking at subframes. With the many awesome choices out there, I settled on a Heidt's Pro-G subframe.

    Hitting the forums, I start digging into finding what I need to make all of this work. So many choices with everything for doing LS conversions! I was impressed with what I read and saw with Entropy LS radiators. Fit and finish of their products was every bit as sweet as I was expecting!

    I sent the stock engine wire harness over to Jeff at He is a good dude that answered tons of questions for me about how to make the LS3 work in this car. Many people that have seen my completed and re-worked harness are impressed. They say it's every part of being as nice as a new harness from Speartech or any of the other more popular options.

    More to come...