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    Twin turbos ... the true cost ... expensive

    Currently I concerting my n/a sbc 383 to a twin turbo setup in my 68 camaro. My intial impression was that the price would not be bad... but with my parts list increasing by the day... its getting up there. Here is a part / price list of the things needed to covert and reasons why for certain parts.

    The engine before is a blue print crate engine. Compression 9 to 5:1 with a lift on gm vortec heads and hypereutic pistons

    (if you want to see the engine click the link in my signature)

    CandSSpecialties Turbo Package
    Aerosol Billet blow thru carburetor
    Extreme velocity carb hat
    T4 C&S garret based turbo 70mm x 2
    Wastegates x 2
    Blow off valve
    Air cleaner assembly $ 4000.00 (its cheaper if you buy from out of state)

    In. short i thought this was most of the cost of twin turbos... boy was i wrong!

    CandS Boost reference Gauge + Fuel Feed + Hardware $ 350

    this popped up next...because hey your carb needs fuel...

    CXRacing Twin Turbo Header Manifold
    Downpipes Kit SBC $ 1,160

    Next i bought a basic piping kit... for a chevelle and it does not really fit the build because the manifolds have a bend... thus had to scrape half the kit because i did not want to go cutting my fenders (these are cheap eBay stuff too. Modified the header manifold heavily to make work on the 68 camaro.

    Now because your engine was changed lots of changes are needed,

    Holley Billet Electronic Fuel Pump 12-890 $ 230
    probably because you will need a lot more fuel when going into boost

    (2)Summit Racing Braided Stainless Steel 8an Hose $ 130
    RobbMC Fuel Sending Unit 1968 GM Unit + -8an Option $ 186
    New hoses because your orginal probably was not big enough and if you was carved you will need to add a return line

    30 ft Matt Black 1/0 gauge $ 42

    Taylor Cable 48100 Aluminum battery box $ 81
    Exide Edge-AGM34 Flate Plate Battery $ 165
    You will probably need to move the battery to the back also.. because all that piping needs to go somewhere, thus wires need to be moved, plus a dry sealed battery because battery will be in the car without a firewall

    (2) Titanium turbo heat shield T4 $ 71
    keeps from hot side of turbo

    (16) NGK R5724-9 SPark Plugs $ 45
    new plugs cause the operation temp will likely go up

    (6) Ano-Tuff -8an Male Flare 3/4”-16 $ 71
    Earl’s 40 Micron Postfilter -8an $ 73
    Holley Fuel Pump Safety Switch $ 31
    Holley HP Billet 100 Micron Pre filter -8an $ 83
    Some petty stuff to keep you fuel clean

    cxracing 3” vband t4 adapter flange 90 $ 133

    6AL-2 MSD Box Because your ignition box will need to control timing and be programmable $ 390 + whatever it takes to program ...

    Now Add
    UPGR8 Universal 4-Ply High Performance Silicone Hose $ 41
    3” to 4” Silicone Straight Reducer $ 12
    CXRacing 2.5 to 3” Merge pipe ALuminum $ 51
    4” Cast Aluminium Elbow 90 degree $ 54
    Innovate Motorsports (3844) MTX-L WIdeband AFR $ 150
    AutoMeter 1257 Transmissio Temp Gauge $ 187

    + More gauges which cost an extra 1k
    Auto Meter 5289 GPS Electric Speedometer Module $ 177
    Autometer 5” #1289 Speedometer Gauge $ 262
    Autometer 5” #1225 QUad Gauge $ 300
    Autometer #1259 Boost Gauge $ 250
    Autometer 2 1/16 Mounting bracket $ 23

    Snow Performance Stage 2 Meth injection $ 664
    However after talking to the people at c and specialties i was told this was not really necessary because my block would go before I could add more boost! And they said it's a running nightmare for a carb. Thus it's scratched for me but maybe useful to somebody who wants a 1100 + horsepower

    Now this list does not include a high performance radiator , beefy transmission, beefy driveline and rearend! Because i overbuilt my car. But those things add 4k or 5k more. So don't forget to add that to your price if needed.

    Lomg story short, the price of twin turbos are not cheap, even if you already have a well bit rig. But make sure you plan for these cost so you don't get stuck in the middle of the change without the funds to finish your project!

    Good luck to all! and hope this article helps. Let me know if you want the document the project on here

    68 Camaro RS twin turbo

    1993 Toyota Supra 6768 Built Single Turbo

    Slow Lifted Jeep No TURBO :(

    Randal F