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    To eliminate the not too uncommon "death shake" that tube/kingpin set ups can experience, I run a little toe out on the hot rod. Toe out also reduces the amount of reverse Akermann. Toe out was a Viper trick too. Makes the car really quick at turn in but at the cost of some wandering when going straight.

    I like your efforts. I've got a few Mustangs in my pile of projects. Their front suspension is the biggest part of the projects that I have yet to decide how to go.
    I will let you know how it goes then. Hopefully we found a solution to the Mustang suspension. Its a never ending debate it seems. But the coilovers are longer than a Mustang II would allow. The geometry is close to the original car geometry. And updated steering with coilovers should get me there. What Mustangs do you have?

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