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    So here is an update for all of my 2 followers lol. So, we mounted the battery box. The box is bolted down, and the lid to the box has the strap on just to hold the lid down. 2 reasons for this, 1) if I get into a car accident the battery box wont tip over 2) the lid needs to be strapped down so if an accident occurs the battery doesnt flip onto the gas tank and start welding a hole into it...

    Next, the progress on the headers, yes I understand, they are not long tubes, but we're dealing with really limited room. They are able to be bolted on and off with the engine in the car. They open into a larger 3 inch pipe to provide more flow. Ideally each port is supposed to be equal length but in this case its just not possible.

    Finally, you can see the progress of the engine compartment. Two vertical pillars welded on top to the cross member and bolted on the bottom. Then two panels, one on each side, bolt on an off. So, basically the whole front end comes off with a few bolts just in case we need to pull the engine.
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