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    braided fuel line from tank to carb?

    OK, I found it is easy to work with braided hose and want to use it for my fuel line from the tank, first what is the best braided hose to use to avoid this weeping problem that I have seen in a few threads, second where should I mount the edelbrock electric pump? Can I mount it in a position other than vertically (ie, can it be mounted on its side), and can I mount it in the engine bay, as I have heard that it should be close to the tank. I will be running a normally aspirated (Demon 650) 327c.i. with a DS&E narrowed tank and an aeromotive filter? Thanks for any info/insights/pics you can offer.

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    THe only braided hose that iwll not weep, eventually, is a teflon lined hose. I would suggest running hard lines with short lengths of flex line at the ends. The fuel pump needs to be as close to the tank as possible and below the centerline.

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    George, you can order aluminum hardline by the roll in various diameters, too. They're easy to flare also. -Jabin
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