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    I have a stock axial type A/C system in my monte and I keep shorting out the 25-amp fuse in the fuseblock. Only one side gets real hot, then it melts the plastic insulation enough to cause it to arch back/forth (but never actually blowing) causing the AC clutch to cycle off/on all the time. It has burned my fuse block slightly right where the fuse goes in. Could a voltage spike be causing this? How can I find out? What is the solution and how would I prevent this in the future? Thanks, Jabin

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    Jabin - basically what is happening is that you are experiencing a large, constant current draw, not a Voltage/ current spike.
    I would most like suspect a missing ground or a wire that has rubbed through creating a partial hard short. Look for melted wires, those tiny wires heat up pretty quick and will melt the insulation. You should be able to trace it from that. Repair or add grounds where necessary.

    Let me know if you need more info. I will be heading for teh Silver State Classic tomorrow morning so it might take a bit for me to reply..


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    Hey Jeromie please bring home some pictures!!!!!
    Jabin, I know you probably grounded the hell out of that thing. Also check for bad or loose connections on that circuit.High resistance can lead to heat.
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