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    Default Ryans 72 c10 build

    Hello everybody,
    This truck was given to me by a friend. It was taken apart about 9 years ago for restoration then they got side tracked by several other projects and it was left sitting in a field. There is a lot of rust however I see a lot of projects start off worse than mine and for free I'm not complaining.

    It will be a short bed once I'm done with it. Not trying to set any auto x or land speed records with it, #1 goal will be to just have fun.
    2.5 spindles with 2" springs up front, 3" blocks with 4" springs out back
    I'm not sure which springs exactly yet or shocks and sway bars.
    pfab trailing arms

    fronts - stock rotors with Wilwood D52 calipers
    rear - disc conversion with '92-'02 astro van rotors and Wilwood D52 calipers

    The engine build is already under way. It was an old 454 truck engine 1979-1982 if I remember right. It will be a 496 stroker on EFI with about 650 hp. Hydraulic roller cam, Dart pro-1 rectangle port heads.
    Trans- 400 turbo with gear vendors overdrive

    That's it for now, heres some pics.


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