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      Nov 2012
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      Are You Driver Enough presented by BFGoodrich Announces Winner for Contest #3

      We would like to announce the winner of the Are You Driver Enough Video Contest #3
      presented by BFGoodrich

      Our contestants took their videos to a whole new level this month. Children were incorporated, there was more racing footage and the video production itself was quite impressive. With that said we would like to say thank you to all of those that submitted videos during this months Are You Driver Enough Video Contest.

      As always there can only be one winner. Please don't forget that the other videos will automatically be entered in our final year end contest for another chance to win $500 towards a Pro-Touring.com sponsor.

      We want to congratulate:

      Lance Hamilton
      1985 Monte Carlo
      WINNER of AYDE Contest #3

      Contest 4 is now open for entries.

      If you would like to submit a video please visit:

      If you have any questions please email:
      [email protected]
      Brandy Morrow Phillips
      Site Contributor


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      Thanks to everyone for voting!! And thanks to Larry, Brandy, and the sponsors for putting this contest on.

      All of the contestants did a good job on their videos this round and it looks like everyone is stepping up their video production game because of this contest. I know I had fun stepping out of my box and learning a bit more about making videos while doing this project.

      Now it's time to go shopping!!!!
      1985 Monte Carlo SS Street Car

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      Awesome !

      Congrats !

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      Congratulations Lance! I agree, all the video entries raised the bar this go round. Nice job everyone!
      Steve Hayes
      "Dust Off"
      68 Camaro

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      "Jeremy Clarkson"