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    Default Jerems 66 Chevelle

    Well I thought it was time to put up a build thread of my 66 Chevelle being built by Jeff Allison at Allison Customs. We donít have any project name for the car and I canít really think of anything clever for it haha.

    Itís due to be a daily driver with some Pro Touring flare to it, 650hp LT4, T56 Magnum, Art Morrison chassis, powder coated trim/bumbers etc. (no chrome on the car), comfortable modern interior. ALSO, just learned that the car will be going to SEMA 2018 and will be in the Ron Francis Wiring booth! That's pretty exciting and we would like to give a big thanks to Ron Francis for getting involved and deeming us worthy for being in their booth haha.

    This will be a long build but I will try and update it the best I can. Obviously Iím not doing the work but as I get updates Iíll post them up here.

    You can follow the build here, Allison Customs Facebook page and Robert Kibbe from the Musclecar place will have updates every once and awhile on The Musclecar Place Podcast. Jeff and I were on episode #260 (Listen Here) introducing the build. We were on the show for the fact that this build came about because I found out about Allison Customs from Robertís podcast when Allison Customs was building Robert's 64 Chevelle and the show was one of the driving forces to get me to contact Jeff about building my car.

    This is just my dream car coming to reality, itís not a big name build or anything just my idea for my dream Chevelle and Iím really looking forward to seeing it come together.

    The current stage of the build is itís torn down, disassembled and waiting for soda blasting to see the true state of the sheet metal (fingers crossed).

    For now, hereís some Pics:

    Wood Door Panels? Interesting...

    A bunch of parts that came with the car

    Shipping Issues...This was a bit scary when I first saw these photos but everything ended up ok. The car was NOT tied down that well and when the driver slammed on the brakes to make a turn...

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