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    Question: does this sequential package come with a controller? Or is rev-matching, etc. a manual effort?
    Manual effort, but if you use a strain gauge on the shift handle, you can have integration with the EFI system. There are also companies that offer this integration with stock GM ECUs by means of an added box that goes between the ECU and coils. So based on input into that box it can cut ignition on upshifts. Downshifting and rev matching is more complicated.

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    Yes, such a package also needs a high-quality gear position sensor. That's needed to deal with with dog interference, retry logic, shift complete indication, etc.

    One other thing the sensor can do is provide a gear indicator on the dash. For track use, it's easy to forget which gear one is currently in, as the sequential shift handle takes the visual / feel indication away since it's always in the same position when you go to initiate a shift (up or down).

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