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      Oct 2008
      Santa Fe Springs, CA

      Du Quion Street Machine Nationals Autocross June 2015

      WAS CANCELLED! We were very bummed and after arriving to the fairgrounds, we were not able to get the space to make a safe course for novices. The few sites surveyed were not conducive to a safe environment, so now we are working the trailer and enjoying the show! We are still running our 20% off / No Tax / No Shipping deal at the show, so if you are in the area, swing by, say "Hi" and have a water on us!

      We've got EMax out front pulling guard duty. Even took her out cruising and for some ice cream after the show!

      We made a bit of a show in front of the rig with some of our autocross participant hopefuls.

      The fairgrounds has some beautiful scenery and we had some Meguiars to give out, so we found a few lucky participants to give them out to.

      Some really cool and crazy cars cruising around!
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