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    Thread: Project Advice

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      Project Advice

      Hey everyone, I have a new project and need some advice. My plan is to remove bumpers, fenders, engine/trans/mechanical bits, windows/windshields, and then start stripping paint/rust. I had a couple general questions since I have next to no body work experience. The car will be a driver, not a show car, but I want it looking nice.

      1) What's the "best" way to strip the whole car? I have seen 3m Plastic Bristle discs you place on a side grinder that seemed to work well, would those be better than an 80 grit disc on a DA sander?
      2) For the undercarriage, should I use the same process or a wire wheel or something else?
      3) Once I strip it down, I need some sort of protection from rust since this will be a long term project. I don't know who is going to paint it or which paint they will use, is there a primer that will protect the car without causing headache down the road? (I read some brands don't like to play well with others)
      4) I assume there will be some rust in frame rails or areas I cant physically reach, should I spray some sort of rust converter in there? Any recommendations?

      Thanks in advance!
      1969 Mustang Fastback