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      6.1L Hemi Stand Alone Wiring Information

      Because so many people ask.... I'm giving a cliffnotes version of what needs to be done to make your harness applicable to an older muscle car... . this will work for a 5.7L or a 6.1L Hemi - I'm 99% sure a 6.4L as well.... no first hand experience though....

      Cliffnotes.... You'll only be using the Black, Orange, and White connectors for this one.... if you're using the mopar trans then you'll use the green connector and be asking for a lot of ass pain going with it.

      Pin 29: Wire to terminal 86 / 30 on Auto Shut Down Relay (ASD)
      Pin 30: Wire to pin 85 on a Starter relay

      Pin 8: NOT USED
      Pin 22: NOT USED

      Pin 3: ASD Relay terminal 85
      Pin 8: NOT USED
      Pin 11: A/C Relay terminal 85
      Pin 14: NOT USED
      Pin 19: ASD Relay terminal 87
      Pin 20: NOT USED
      Pin 23: NOT USED
      Pin 28: ASD Relay terminal 87
      Pin 29: NOT USED
      Pin 35: NOT USED
      Pin 37: fuel pump relay terminal 86
      Pin 38: Starter Relay terminal 86

      This should be getting 99% of you guys on the road.... If you are using the NAG1 or truck trans - just use the green connector and plus into the trans.... any other specific questions PM me and I'll do my best to answer while I'm in the Middle East.
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      2013 Dodge Challenger R/T 5.7L Hemi / 6-speed

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      Hello is the ASD relay fused?
      If so which terminal?
      Thanks in advance

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