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      A look back at Cruisin' the Coast 2014

      One of the South’s largest car shows. The event started Sunday, October 5th and lasted until October 12th. The best way I can describe this event is by comparing it to Power Tour. The event starts in one location as the cars cruise the Mississippi Gulf Coast stopping at designated spots throughout the eight day event.

      With exactly 7293 participants, there was literally something for everyone at this event.

      American Street Car Association was also present at Cruisin’ the Coast. Though they did some cruisin’ of their own, the majority of time was spent hosting the first ever autocross at this event.

      The autocross started Tuesday with an autocross shootout held on Wednesday.

      The feedback was very positive and it looks like the participants had a blast.

      Though the autocross did not last the whole week, this did not stop the ASCA crew from joining in on the fun. They were able to cruise the coast and get a couple quick photos and see some beautiful scenery.

      Below is a quick video from one of the participants Andrew Tyler Powel and his ’63 Corvette Grand Sport:

      Take a virtual ride in a 1963 Corvette Grand Sport during Cruisin' the Coast's autocross

      This event wraps up the final event for the American Street Car Association. If you’d like to see more on the Cruisin’ the Coast event visit:
      American Street Car Series Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ameri...reetcar-Series

      2015 Dates are already posted for this event. Make sure to check out the Cruisin’ the Coast Official Website at: http://www.cruisinthecoast.com/
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      Looks like a good time! I'll more than likely be able to cruise my 67 Camaro by then, most likely in primer, but it should make the trek pretty easily.
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      Guess I'm spoiled because I live so close. We have been every year and it really has something for everyone! Even saw a oversized (car sized) red flyer wagon on the interstate! Awesome time every year!