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      Quote Originally Posted by joeko23 View Post
      I installed the haymaker in my 69 Camaro. I think it fits pretty well. Itís definitely not a bolt in situation. I used their bracket and cut it in half to get the unit away from the firewall. You can see a pic of the unit installed on page 3 of my build. As far as the condenser and evaporator those are specific to the camaro so they fit like a glove to the core support and their pre bent hard lines also fit really nice with room to spare with RS headlights. Iím not that far in the build process to turn on the unit but I went with restomod air only because I can control it via an app. Let me know if you have more questions.
      Thanks so much for the feedback Joeko. I just started to read your build thread after looking at the pic on page 3, and all I can say is outstanding work! I don't want to trouble you at all, but did you take any other pics of your Restomod AC install and what you had to do to make it fit? Was there additional cutting of the firewall and/or new filler panels you had to fab? Was the glovebox space completely taken up by the AC unit? How did you find the routing of the ducting? Did you have to buy additional tubing or substitute anything supplied in the kit with pieces from other suppliers? Are you using their app alone to control the unit or are you also hardwiring into one of their in-dash panels? Apologies for all of the questions, but buying one of these units would be a "luxury" acquisition for me, and if it's going to require a massive re-engineering to make it fit I might just settle for rolling my windows down. Thanks again for any help!