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      Online High Performance Sales

      Do you have a passion for hot rods? Are you a born salesman? Do you enjoy and want to work from home? Then we may have an opportunity for you to join our sales team as an online sales associate.

      This position will involve:

      1. Creating and maintain a daily presence on many automotive forums that are a good fit for our product line.
      2. Actively becoming part of these forum communities. As such, you will also be responsible for developing sales from these forums and maintaining our good standing with the online communities. We will work together to determine which forums present the best opportunities for us to advertise on and develop sales from.
      3. Turning forum leads into phone sales and online sales. We will provide you with phone equipment and a reliable high speed internet connection is required. You must be available M-F 9AM - 5PM EST to handle phone sales (negotiable).
      4. Maintaining a good relationship with these online communities and our company.
      5. Answering technical questions about our products and supporting our products post sale.
      6. Creating a weekly summary support of your activity.
      7. Identifying where there are product gaps in the market that we can fill.
      8. Handling occasional overflow phone sales during peak times.

      You are great at following directions, working independently, solving problems independently and are self- motivated. You must be skilled at closing sales and dealing with anal/difficult people. A high degree of patience is required.

      The salary for this position is $500/week plus commissions. Expect small commissions to start with of $100 - $150/week. For reference, our best salesman averages $600/week in commissions however there is no guarantee of commissions. You eat what you kill. There will be a 90 day probationary period.

      To be considered for this position, include your resume detailing prior sales experience and explain which one of the following is most important to you know and why: 1) punctuality 2)honesty 3)confidence or 4) thoroughness.

      To apply, please respond to our Craigslist ad:


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      Just let me know where I have to send my social security number and my bank information as well as my name, date of birth, email address and everything else. HA!

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      All of that info goes to his cousin who happens to be the Prince of Wadiya.

      Support your local hot rod shop!