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      Apr 2005
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      Thanks to all who attended and volunteered

      Thanks to all the participants and volunteers who came out to the the PSMC this year.
      This hobby really is about the people who love the technology of the cars and the skill of building and driving the cars ..
      Thanks a million everyone !
      I love seeing you all .

      Special thanks to Bill Howell, Yancy Johns , Robert Scheitlin, and Brian Finch for keeping the American Street Car Series going .

      And special thanks to Larry Callahan and all the staff at pro-touring for the great website to share the hobby .
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      Jeff Tate
      "The best thing about participating in these events is that you get to hang out with a group of intelligent like minded people who live to achieve things in their lives. You won't find a lazy, mean, or dumb bone in their bodies." Bret Voelkel, RideTech

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      May 2012
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      Thanks to all had a great time and will see you guys in Nashville

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      Werd! I always love the PSMC!! So many runs, so much time! See you guys soon.
      1985 S10 - LT1 + T56
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