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      USCA Fontana, Ca Day 1 Coverage- 500+ of our best pt.com photos

      Day 1 was a busy day at California Autoclub Speedway. We were able to capture just about everything that took place, from the morning driver's meeting, the Wilwood Speed Stop, the ridetech Autocross, the Lingenfelter Design Challenge and the Detroit Speed and Engineering Road Rally. Most of our photos are posted in Facebook, so make sure to show us some love, like our photos, comment if you'd like and tag away. For those that do not have Facebook or want to see higher res images, I included the photobucket slideshow below as wel. Feel free to check out the slideshow or click to see our Photobucket USCA Fontana album.
      #becausestreetcar #driveusca #protouring

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      Make sure to check back for our Day 2 coverage and a complete recap of the event this past weekend.

      Brandy Morrow Phillips
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