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      Group buy AMB transponders DELIVERY information

      Due to some unforeseen circumstances with AMB and their shipping protocol, the transponders are just now coming in and we are worried about having adequate time to be able to ship to your locations and received before you leave to come to the event. This was not on our part as we pre-ordered many transponders BEFORE the group buy was even made public.

      What we are going to do : These transponders that were pre-ordered on the group buy will be delivered AT THE EVENT. They will be available Thursday evening and Friday morning. The transponders ID#'s are being assigned to the purchasing individual and will already be in the event timing software when you arrive. The battery operated transponders WILL be pre-charged by us this week BEFORE the event, so no need to worry. Those of you who bought hard-wired units, make provisions for 12v. power and ground before you arrive. I typically use 2 terminal weather pack connectors myself so that they can be unplugged when not used as they do have a parasitic drain on the battery. The transponders come with a 6-ft sheathed two wire cable. They also can be hooked up very easily just using ring terminals for the battery in an impromptu temporary install. Mechanically, they can be installed using sheet metal screws or wire ties.

      If anyone needs help with this, I will bring some extra supplies and help those who need assistance installing them


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