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      V8 Speed & Resto Shop Seeking Painter

      V8 Speed & Resto Shop in Red Bud, IL is seeking a painter for high-end work.

      We are seeking a painter who is confident and knowledgeable enough to be given a task and to get it done, the first time, without re-dos, wasted time and materials. All edges covered, no runs. You'll be painting epoxy primer, HS primer, spray polyester, Imron, Color and Clear, on a daily basis. Must have several years of experience painting complete cars. We paint a lot of engines, transmission and booths full of small parts so we expect complete coverage of parts no matter how many angles and edges they have. Experience with wet sanding and buffing also required.

      If you feel you are qualified, please send work history, skills and references.

      Salary based on experience and qualifications.

      We provide paid vacation, paid holidays, health insurance, parts discounts, competitive salary, and a great crew to work with. Hours are M-F 8-5.

      Email resume or contact us at [email protected]