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      AMB transponders being used for road course event

      As the event draws near for the 2014 MWMCC and in reviewing the entry list for this event supplied by Mark , it is exciting that this is going to be a BIG event and sell-out crowd !!

      We as 10/10ths Motorsports look very forward to having the PT community come and play in our back yard and look forward to spending time with you to get around the track safer and quicker. A good time will be had by all !!

      In a search to have the best timing and scoring process for this event, we are going to use the industry standard timing systems that most competitive road course events use, the AMB transponder/loop system. This is the most reliable way to have timing and scoring on the road course and I know some of you have had issues and pain using the systems other use. The use of the AMB system is going to be more prominent as these PT events evolve. USCA already uses these exclusively , the Motorstate Challenge will be using these as well as the Ohio Muscle car Challenge.

      Bill Neal and Mark Bowler have created a group purchase available to the PT community, not only for participants of this event, but for anyone wishing to acquire one. You can buy either the battery powered or hard wired one for $400.00 shipped , which is AT LEAST a $90.00 savings.

      I was hoping the information on this got out sooner than it did as we only have a short window to have these in time for the MWMCC event. Those of you who have sent inquires already to : [email protected] and have not received a reply, do not worry. Today there will be a link up on the 10/10ths website to be able to purchase these at the discounted rate. I will post the link as soon as it is available to me here and on other various media locations. Anyone one else that wants to get this handled on the here and now program send inquires to the email address above, you will be sent the link automatically as soon as it is up this afternoon. We are going to extend this group buy until Monday April 21st, instead of the original April 18th deadline.

      The more people that have these the better. There will be a small number of these transponders available for rental the day of the event. It is impossible for us to function as the OUSCI event runs where they are taking transponders off of cars in the hot pit and reinstalling them on another car in the cold pit and expect timing and scoring to have the correct transponder ID with corresponding individual.

      GET ON IT !!

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