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      Oct 2003
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      Please read before starting a new thread

      We have the "For Sale" forum to help help our members who want to sell or looking to buy cars or parts. We do have a few simple rules that are not being followed by everyone though. They are in the rules of conduct thread https://www.pro-touring.com/threads/...es-Please-read that we all read when we joined right?? If you missed them here is a quick summary

      - You must include a location and price in your thread. A ebay or craigslist link will not work.
      - This forum is for sponsors or non commercial members only

      - All threads from non sponsor commercial vendors will be deleted
      - All threads that do not include price and location will be deleted

      If your thread was deleted and you are not a non sponsor commercial vendor please feel free to start a new thread, but make sure you include all the required information.

      I have an unlimited budget. That bad part is I have already used it up.

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      Jul 2011
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      Could you remove my FS thread, the buyer has requested that I try to remove it. Thanks