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      Fastest times and results are available at www.socalchallenge.com

      First off I'd like to say thank you to everyone who came out not only for this event, but to any of the So Cal Challenge events this year. We had a blast putting them on, and we are looking forward to next year. I must point out that without the help of our sponsors such as ridetech, Flowmaster, Total Cost Involved (TCI,) CFR performance, Guaranty Chevrolet, and No Limit Engineering, this would not be possible. Also I can't forget the help from some of our fellow racers, Cris, and the guys at JCG including Casey, Darren, and Cesar, for all of their help with not only the Camarillo events, but with the track planning and Management as well at some of the other events. Jason and the TCI guys for posting photos up sometimes even the same day, as well as Larry Callahan from Pro- Touring and the "man with the mouth" Chad Reynolds from Bang Shift for hosting our live events, and John and James from ridetech who were out there handing out suggestions for shock set-up.

      Moving on we are the the mists in planning next years series, and even as I write this message we are in talks with a great group of people who we are looking forward to working with us in 2014. As of right now our plans are to hold events around the same dates as we did this year, which means that the first weekend in March 2014 is when the next event will be held. Stay in touch by visiting www.socalchallenge.com, join us on facebook, or look for announcements on Pro-Touring.

      To end I would like to inform you that the fastest times of the day and the results are now available to view at www.socalchallenge.com. In the next few days we will post the final points for the year and crown the champions from each class. Stay tuned to www.pro-touring.com for the announcement.

      Once again, thank you to the racers, supporters, and the sponsors of the So Cal Challenge, and I look forward to seeing all of you, if not more of you racing next year!

      Marcel Venable

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