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      Feb 2013
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      Photos from last Weekend's Autocross 66 event

      Hey everybody if you haven't had a chance to look at the So Cal Challenge website lately then here is a reason to waste some of your bosses time at work today, as you can view photos from last weekend's Autocross 66 event that was held at San Manuel Stadium in San Bernardino. Visit www.socalchallenge.com and click on the "gallery" button to view last weekend's event, plus all of the other So Cal Challenge events from the 2013 season as well as a few from last year.

      Be on the lookout next week for the latest recap video from the SCC event held out at the Great Labor Day Cruise, that will debut next week on You Tube. We will post the announcement on which day it will be available to watch right here on Pro-Touring.

      Don't forget that the last So Cal Challenge event for the 2013 season is closing in on us fast. Sign up for Camarillo 2 that will be held on Saturday October 12th by registering on www.socalchallenge.com

      I hope this message has brought you joy, and will possibly hold you over for the rest of this work day. If for some reason your boss finds you on this site or even this post, use the excuse that you have been doing "market research!"

      Have a great weekend,

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      Thanks for all the hard work Marcel. I wish we could have been out there but the Camaro is still down and Tim was at the UFC fight. Tim does plan on coming out for the Camarillo event so we'll be testing at Adams trying to get it dialed in.

      "Quality doesn't cost, it pays"