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    New trucks.

    My wife is kind of pushing me to get a new truck in the next few months instead of letting me use the credit cart to finish up the project F100 off.

    My project truck is getting closer to completion from a work stand point as days go by, and from a financial point less then $2000 dollars. To fix it up better for DD another $1000, but not necessary at first. Just more comfort, and it can be done as the weeks go by. It should sit at 20 mpg hwy when it hits the road with some room for improvement with an OD.

    If she "makes" me get a new truck due to her being difficult which one would you get? I am looking at the new V6 versions of a RCSB because I don't want to pay that much, and if geared up they all should run hot enough for DD. Also I will do at least a 5-7 drop on the truck, add bigger sway bars, and performance shocks if not multiple shocks.

    The Dodge Ram? 8 speed auto with a 300hp 6 gun. It has a 4 link rear, and available drop spindles for stock 17's. So with minor trimming, and a welder I can get my desired drop.

    F150. 6 speed auto, and the proven by comparison 300hp 6 gun. Most difficult to lower, but from what I have seen a 3" z may not be too difficult. I do not want to run 20's just to use drop spindles.

    GMC Sierra. 6 speed auto, and brand new 4.3 DI motor. Given GM's aftermarket history a big drop is practically an afternoon away bolting on parts.

    Which one would likely have the most potential for handling? I can find lots of specs for the trucks, but none feature handling.
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