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      Sep 2014
      Sun City West, AZ
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      There's no need to apologize. Just "jump in", you can't do it any younger. Click on this link and add your zip code to find your local region: http://www.scca.com/regions
      You can find the CAM rules and classes by clicking on this link: http://cdn.growassets.net/user_files...pdf?1446494308
      You can also buy a weekend membership at a local region if you want to try it out. You'll find it is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Don't waste your money by buying a weekend membership, just join up and start having fun. You'll end up joining anyways.

      Some local regions have loaner helmets for you to use before you buy one.

      Don't be bashful. We all were newbies at one-time and there are plenty of people that would like to help. This is not a cut-throat sport like other types of motorsports. It is more social than competition. You'll have fun swapping lies with other lie swappers and of course showing off your bitchin ride.

      There are only three CAM classes, 1989 and older Muscle Cars CAM-T (Traditional); 1990 and newer Muscle Cars CAM-C (Contemporary); and Two-Seater Cars and Pickups like the Cobras and the Vipers and C6 Corvettes and older CAM-S (Sports Cars). C7 Corvettes and newer Vipers are not allowed.

      Hope to see you at the races.
      Kenny Mitchell
      [email protected]

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      Mar 2014
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      Thanks I've been running CAM T although I'm technically a rookie. Trying to get some of my friends to try it out.

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