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What does the T56 install kit include?

            The 1st gen F-body kit includes all of the “custom” components needed for a successful bolt in of any 93-97 T56 six speed transmission [pre LS1 engine] into any 67-69 F-body (or 68-72 Nova) with any small or big block Chevy engine. This includes a modified Turbo 400 cross member, adjustable length GM 96 Fbody hydraulic clutch actuator and slave assembly, and a firewall mounted bracket that adapts the hydraulics to the older car.  

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Will this allow me to bolt a T56 into a Pontiac vehicle with a Pontiac engine?

            No. The kit utilizes most of the late model GM components such as the factory bell housing and hydraulic actuator. The bell housing only has the starter hole on the pass side, thus making an early Pontiac engine incompatible with this “production” transmission.

Can I use a 98+ T56 transmission with my non-LS1 engine?

No. The 98+ T56 is designed around the LS1 engine, and is specific to it. If you plan to use an LS1 engine, I can provide the correct kit that is compatible with those power trains as well.

Do I need to do any welding to install this kit?

No. This kit was designed so that a minimal amount of cutting and drilling is needed. No welding is required since the components have been modified to use your stock setup.

Does your kit provide provisions for a mechanical speedometer?

No. Many hot rodders performing this swap are upgrading their engines and interiors with electronically controlled setups. If you would like to run a cable driven speedometer, it is available with a tail shaft exchange from Jags That Run and costs around $800.00. This conversion also moves the shifter 2” forward. The other alternative is an electronic speedometer from Autometer, VDO or Dakota Digital.

Can I re-use my stock console?

Yes. If you have decided to use the cable speedometer driven version, your shifter will be moved about 2” further forward. You will then need to make a “dogbone” style adapter to move the shifter stick an additional 2” forward. This will bring the shifter up in the stock location of the original 4speed cars. ATS does not provide or manufacture these components. If you run a standard production gearbox, simply slide the console back 4” to line up the new hole.

I have the article “Get Six” from the CHP magazine, which shows how to do this modification. Why should I buy your kit instead of doing it myself?

In a word: Quality. Our bracket is precision stamped to exact specs, has smooth radius, our cross member fits in the stock location, is TIG welded, and will never fail. Our actuators are modified and tested in vehicles before shipment. I know that my kit will work the first time you bolt it in, and you will have a smooth and successful installation. It will save you time and headaches when you buy a kit from someone who has already done the hard work for you.

Are there any special tools required to install this kit?

Yes. ATS gives you the option of relocating the attachment point on the stock clutch pedal. You can mark the location with a spring-loaded punch, and then drill a new hole to one of 2 sizes. The first option allows a clean install by using our provided hardware of a socket cap screw, but requires you to tap the pedal to thread it directly to the arm. The other option is to drill an oversized hole, and utilize a more conventional bolt and nut. The special tools would be a ¼”-28 N.F. tap, a hydraulic jack, a saw or cut-off wheel, a drill and assorted hand tools.

Can I use any 153-tooth flywheel for this transmission?

No. Pre 86 blocks require a Centerforce or McLeod flywheel that uses the LT1 style pull-off clutch. They also make one for big block Chevy’s. One-piece rear main seals can use the GM LT1 flywheel. A LT1 style clutch MUST be used.

My engine makes over 400 ft/lbs of torque. Will the T56 hold up?

Yes. The T56 is rated at 450 ft/lbs of torque, and I have personally seen stock gearboxes handle in excess of 600 ft/lbs.

I have a 94 T56 transmission. If I purchase your kit what else do I need?

We have a list of most of the items you will need for a full conversion:

Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions not answered here at [email protected]