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Thank you for visiting our special corner of the Internet. The / forum is a source of entertainment and information for a specific segment of hot rodding: cars (also known as g-Machines) are hot rods that are modified for improved handling, and braking, as well as acceleration. "Modified" is the key element here. A Ferrari 456GT is a well-rounded performance vehicle, but someone else made it that way. So where‘s the fun in that? Vehicle specs and capabilities are important. But just as important -- members are modifying these vehicles to achieve these goals. And it’s the members that make great.

That seems to be the closest thing to a consensus. While every member has his or her own interpretation of a pro-touring car, all of these cars are upgraded for well-rounded performance.

Some cars are more technologically advanced than others. (i.e. fuel injection and computers) -Some cars are more comfortable than others. (i.e. air conditioning and cup holders) -Some cars are more race-inspired than others. (i.e. roll cage and safety harnesses)

We don’t impose any limitations on vehicle make, model or year, but for the most part, members are building muscle cars. We’ve got a few sports cars and trucks, too. You don’t even need to own a car.

RULES OF CONDUCT: / has a great reputation for maintaining a positive, helpful atmosphere. So far, the members have done an excellent job of maintaining that positive, helpful atmosphere. But the “club” is growing. As a result, we are incorporating some basic rules of conduct for our little Internet car club.

1). No off Topic Posts: This is not the place to ask questions about the faulty heater control valve in your Hyundai. Nor is this a forum for political rants, sports debates, personal problems or anything other than pro-touring cars. IF YOU GET OFF TOPIC YOUR THREAD WILL BE CLOSED. IF YOU MAKE A HABIT OF IT, YOU WILL BE BANNED.

2).No Trash-Talkin': Flames and “trash-talking” are frowned upon. People come here to enjoy themselves and gather information. Before you go bouncing off the rev limiter, please re-read your posts and edit as necessary. Remember where you are before you hit “submit” or “reply”. You are entitled to your opinion and individuality, but at the same time: IF YOU POST FLAMES OR “TRASH-TALK” YOUR THREAD WILL BE CLOSED. IF YOU MAKE A HABIT OF IT, YOU WILL BE BANNED.


This is a free site supported by donations. It is frequented by a wide range of people. So out of respect for everyone, please follow these basic rules.

3).Profanity/Nudity: Do not under any circumstances, post nudity or use profanity in the forums. Posts containing such content will be edited by moderators, and possibly deleted. IF YOU MAKE A HABIT OF IT, YOU WILL BE BANNED.

4).Viruses/Detrimental Content/Spam: WILL NOT TOLERATE the posting of such content. If you post a virus on our forum, you WILL BE BANNED. We take great pride in our forum and it's safety, any member jeopardizing it will be banned. Spam will not be tolerated either, upon first offense, the thread will be closed and a warning issued, upon second offense, you will be banned.

5).Spelling Grammar: As we communicate with the written word, you have to at least TRY. It turns out that effective spelling and grammar are good for something.

6).Stay in Topic: Unless it’s absolutely urgent, keep all posts within the appropriate topic. Do NOT just dump tech questions in the Open Discussion topic because the name is “Open”. If the question has an answer, a member will almost always reply within 24-48 hours. Oh, and if you get impatient and post: “What’s wrong with you people, why won’t you answer??” or something to that effect, it will not help the matter. We’re not here to serve you—it’s a club, however we try to help our members as much as we possibly can. Please note: Threads WILL be moved to the proper forum that they belong in.

Pix: While not mandatory, we encourage the sharing of images. It does not matter what condition your car is in or what you look like. We just like looking at pictures. If you need help with posting images or links just ask. Many members are willing to help explane how to do this or just read our faq section.

Donations: Please help keep this club alive by clicking on the donations link.

That’s it!! Welcome to the club!