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    • Big news for the East Coast folks

      Big news for the East Coast folks looking to try new things!

      HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!! For all of you who have waited for dates and races, American Streetcar Promotions have been working behind the scenes to bring even more fun to the table. In addition to a traditional autocross schedule, we have partnered with Adrenaline Driving Series to provide a technical drift program as well! (think gymkhana autocross-drift). You all may remember Barry Clapp the driver of the Drift Taxi, doing exhibition donuts at our events in Georgia and Louisville. Barry has come on-board with Gymkhana tracks and coaching to make 2020 even more exciting for both racers and fans. We're still finalizing the schedule but Share the Ride and the usual suspects will still be with you and our low-key, friendly racing events will still be your favorite!

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