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    • New Mirrors from Billet Rides

      Universal Rectangular Mirror Ford Style

      • 3 Different Universal Mounting Options
      • Mount from outside of vehicle through the inside of our base
      • Mount from under our base with innovative slide mounting track
      • Original hole at front and rear tips with provided threaded inserts from underneath
      • Up to 5 1/2” hole spread distance capability
      • Convex Automotive Glass for large field of view
      • Ability to tighten the Pivot ball
      • Perfect finish quality Polished, Anodized Gloss or Flat, Matte/Polished
      • 6061-T6 Aluminum
      • Made in The U.S.A.
      • Sold individually

      Billet Rides Newest Innovative Mirror is now available for Fords. Based off of a popular Ford Car design but with infinite flexibility for mounting and vehicle options. Our newest base design gives the ability to mount through the inside of our base to the top of your door or from under our base using our newest flexible distant slide mounting track design. You will be able to slide your mounting fasteners from underneath to the exact hole distance on your door. Mirrors will come with provided gaskets and hardware to make your installation easy. These mirrors have been designed with the goal of mixing style, elegance, and functionality. Using 6061-T6 aluminum we crafted these mirrors to outperform any original factory mirror with utilizing Convex Glass, the amount of articulation, style and with the ability to tighten the tension on the pivot ball. This mirror will fit almost anything and has been designed to eliminate the negatives of cheap factory mirrors.

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