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      In response to high customer demand, Concept ONE has introduced its latest Pulley System, the MAX 10R. The company has offered its top-selling 8-rib LS supercharger pulley system for many years, but customers kept asking to run more boost on their LS engines.

      The new MAX 10R 10-rib system is designed with customer satisfaction in mind. It offers a separate 10-rib belt that drives only the supercharger and is made to handle 15+ pounds of boost. It is combined with the 8-rib system to easily handle the remaining accessories, such as the torque of high-horsepower engines and high-amperage alternators.

      This heavy-duty pulley system will handle all you can give it in one compact unit that takes no more room than the 8-rib system. The drive pulleys get about 255 degrees of wrap on the crank pulley, and 220 degrees of wrap on the supercharger pulley (this number will vary with pulley diameter) with a heavy-duty tensioner developed specifically for superchargers.

      Visit c1pulleys.com for more information on the MAX 10R or any of their other top-quality pulley systems, and see the difference Fit, Function & Performance can make in your vehicle!

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