• Exciting Announcements for Autocross in 2018

    This year there are so many announcements related to events, venues, classes and fun, we must assume that autocross is officially the most popular motorsport on the planet. While that’s probably not true, we would be remiss if we didn’t tell you all about what we’re seeing for the coming year.

    Starting at SEMA back in November when Goodguys finally announced their much-anticipated changes, it's official, the age limit of cars allowed at their events has gone from 1973 to 1987. This news is huge for so many people wanting to participate and will create an entirely new scene at the widely popular autocross. In addition to allowing a new breed of car, Goodguys will now run all competitors in one class in a Shootout event culminating into a 16-car elimination field. All AutoCross participants will be given a day and a half to qualify for the top 16 spots. This year will also see the Bowling Green, KY event go North to Lexington and a few of the other events will be reduced to two days instead of three. [Read the whole announcement here: https://www.good-guys.com/hotnews/sw...-event-lineup/ ]

    Next up, Autocross Guys (known for Cruisin’ the Coast, Cruisin’ the Smokies and NSRA Streetkhana) made a huge announcement over the holidays. There will be CASH PRIZES – yes, you heard us right.
    Also, Autocross Guys has joined forces with BF Goodrich to offer a new BFG Sport Comp 2 class to the line-up. In talking to Bill Howell, he explained that over the years in working with BFG they have looked for new and innovative ways to promote performance tires that are more suitable for newcomers to the sport. After all, the whole purpose of having autocross at car shows is to get people to DRIVE their beautiful cars. Last year Autocross Guys hauled two under-powered stock Mustangs with BFG Sport Comp 2 AS tires around the country to get spectators to realize that anyone can try autocrossing. The next step was for Autocross Guys and BFG to put their money where their mouth is and create a scenario wherein drivers willing to compete in a true street tire would be rewarded. Other classes will be awarded cash but the majority of funds will go to those drivers running the Sport Comp 2 tire. We have a feeling that this is just the beginning for autocrossing and cash prizes because how many times have you been asked by a family member: “How much money do you win?”
    Yeah… us too.

    On the heels of the Autocross Guys announcements FM3 Marketing came out with a new series called Drive AutoX -- “A premier autocross lifestyle series of events for automotive enthusiasts, delivering a premium experience and premium competition”. Following on the heels of two highly successful Cars ‘n Cones events, it seems that Jimi Day and the crew are taking the show on the road. Drive AutoX will focus on fun and people while offering two-day events in four cities: Concord, NC, Peru, IN, Madison, IL and Mineral Wells, TX. [Complete information here: http://driveautox.com/ ] We are most excited about No Limit Engineering sponsoring an ‘Outlaw’ class to allow vehicles formerly left out because of classing restrictions, to join the fun.

    SCCA CAM Challenge events will continue in 2018 and we encourage everyone to get your practice time in locally with SCCA it really is affordable seat time and an opportunity to make friends locally. Be sure to check out a few rule changes for CAM class to make sure that your ride didn’t lose weight over the winter and push you into a different class.

    And for you California folks, all we can say is: 'Thank Goodness for Racing Byrds'. In 2018 Racing Byrds will have a full schedule at Fontana in conjunction with NMCA again this year and we all know how fun those guys are. [ https://www.facebook.com/racingbyrds/ ] We spoke with Rob Byrd and he said: "We are using a much larger parking lot, so the course design and variation will be even better than before. We will have more awards and a championship dinner...we will have jackets, trophies and rings for our class and grand champions. We hope to provide an awesome experience with a fun atmosphere as well as a lot of runs for your money with no work!" Anyone who knows Rob, knows that his enthusiasm for your racing experience is unrivaled.

    If you’ve got an autocross event that you’d like to promote, please post it here. Also, please remember that it is insanely expensive to run an autocross. Site acquisition, insurance and cone shaggers, don’t come cheap. Sponsors are really the lynch-pin of our sport. Please shop the vendors who give so much to autocross and pro-touring when you make your purchases. When you can, mention who makes the parts that you put on your car – tell the world how much you like them, how fast they make you and how they enable you to do what you do. Thank sponsors early and often by tagging them in your posts from the events.

    See you at the track!

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