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    • Intelligent Relay Controls by VaporWorx

      Intelligent Relay Controls offer modern conveniences and safety features for your electric fuel pump system.

      The first of six new products to be released by VaporWorx before the end of the year, VaporWorx is pleased to offer a feature-rich upgrade to your relay controlled fuel pumping strategy. The VaporWorx Intelligent Relay Control (IRC) will provide convenience and safety features that will help protect you and your pride and joy. This system is easily adapted to both new and existing builds by controlling the negative trigger side of a standard automotive relay.

      Primarily focused on vehicles with carburetors and electric fuel pumps, the IRC can also be used with relays that control intercooler pumps and the Ford Racing Coyote Crate Engine controller (Ford turned off the safety features for the aftermarket.)

      1) Three-second initial key-on prime cycle: At key-on, the IRC will energize the fuel pump relay for three seconds. If a tachometer signal is not sensed, the IRC will de-energize the fuel pump relay. Once a tachometer signal is sensed the fuel pump relay will be energized. The prime cycle can also be used to turn off intercooler pumps so that battery voltage remains high during long key-on/engine-off tuning cycles.
      2) Accident safety: In the event of an accident and the engine shuts down, the IRC will de-energize the fuel pump relay.
      3) Manual override: Want to set the float level without the engine on? How about running an intercooler pump to reduce temperatures between -mile runs? The VaporWorx IRC has a simple override feature that will energize the relay by grounding the Violet wire in the supplied wiring harness.
      4) Have a Ford Racing Coyote Crate Engine package? Theres no fuel shutoff control in the Ford controller. The IRC not only creates this feature, it also has an output to turn on a VaporWorx PWM control system that implements modern safety strategies.
      5) Compact size. The compact 1-1/2W x 1-1/4D x H size means it will fit almost anywhere.
      6) XLPE wire and sealed connector. The IRC comes with 15 of wire for each circuit pre-wired into a genuine Delphi sealed GT150 connector. Wire braid is also included.
      7) All made in the USA UL94 fire rated components and assembled by VaporWorx. The circuit boards are made and assembled by American Board Assembly (how American is that!)

      Please visit the VaporWorx website for more information and purchasing. https://www.vaporworx.com/product/va...y-control-irc/

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