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    • Chasing The Dream with Dick Eytchison

      I was poking around the internet this evening and I stumbled on this great video put together by Hotchkis Sport Suspension. They released it over a year ago and I somehow totally missed it. Dick seems like a great guy and I love his Pro-Touring ride.

      The story from Sept 2012: Dick Eytchison is recovering from open heart surgery, but he's not letting that slow him down. In fact, the 68 year old retiree is going faster than ever - in his 1965 Chevelle four door that he uses for autocross and road racing events all across the Southwestern United States. For nearly half a century, Dick has had two passions: his family (including his wife of 46 years, Karen) and vintage muscle cars. Wrenching, driving and racing provide the ultimate retirement for the affable Dick Eytchison.

      This article was originally published in forum thread: Chasing The Dream: The Dick Eytchison Story started by Larry Callahan View original post
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