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    • OUSCI 2013 Results. Pro-Touring.com members kick butt!

      The Overall Winners of the 2013 optima batteries Ultimate Streetcar Invitational

      1. Brian Houghbaugh
      2. Mark Stielow
      3. Danny Popp

      ridetech Street Challenge Autocross
      1. Brian Hobaugh
      2. Brian Finch
      3. Danny Pop

      BFG Hot Lap Challenge
      1. Danny Popp
      2. Kyle Tucker
      3. Betim Berisha

      Wilwood Disc Brakes Speed
      1. Brian Hobaugh
      2. Todd Earsley
      3. Brian Finch

      Lingenfelter Performance and Design Challenge
      1. Allan Palmer
      2. Dave Ecker
      3. bill haram audi

      Congratulations to all!!!

      For all the event photos follow the link below.
      Thanks to Justin Malone for all the pictures!


      For full results visit http://www.optimabatteries.com/us/en...car-invitatio/

      This article was originally published in forum thread: OUSCI 2013 Results. Pro-Touring.com members kick butt! started by Larry Callahan View original post
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