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    • g-Force Rival Track Performance -- One Lap of America testing with Detroit Speed

      Check out this great video starting Kyle Tucker and the gang a Detroit Speed & Engineering. Get a behind the scenes look at some of the preparation they did for the One Lap of America while running the new BFGoodrich Rival tire. Recently I had the honor to attend the BFG g-Force Rival launch event and the opportunity to use these first hand.
      They performed really well and held up like you wouldn't believe at the end of the day. It will shock you once you get your hands on them and try them yourself.

      Comments 6 Comments
      1. srh3trinity's Avatar
        srh3trinity -
        Cool video. Any word on 19 inch sizes?
      1. DTM Racing's Avatar
        DTM Racing -
        Very cool video!
      1. shane38's Avatar
        shane38 -
        cool video cant wait to get a set of these tires saving up....
      1. Z06vet's Avatar
        Z06vet -
        More sizes, please.... I want to try these tires.
      1. Tomswheels's Avatar
        Tomswheels -
        Quote Originally Posted by srh3trinity View Post
        Cool video. Any word on 19 inch sizes?
        I have no idea when, but these are the planned 19" sizes:

      1. carguy502's Avatar
        carguy502 -

        Do you have any ideas on 17" sizes?

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