• One Lap of America news

    Long time Pro-Touring.com members James Shipka, Carl Casanova, Mary Pozzi and Jimi Day are about to embark on an event that that doesn't get any more Pro-Touring than this.

    The 2013 One Lap of America is 7 days long, they will drive over 3,000 miles and they will compete in almost 20 events around the country beginning May 3'rd 2013. It is a test of not only the cars but the drivers and the drivers ability to do well day after day with little sleep.

    This year they will be competing against each other in the Vintage American Class and I wish them all great luck as they are going to need it. It's a grueling yet very rewarding event and certainly a bucket list item for myself.

    To commemorate their participation in the event, the Vintage American group has created limited edition T-shirts for each entry that are now on sale. They can be purchased individually or as a set, and it's easy to order the exact sizes you need. Shipping is included!

    Show your support and score some awesome looking shirts by following the link at the bottom of the page.

    This is a very limited run, so be sure to order quickly before they're gone.

    Good luck everyone!

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