• Ron Francis Wiring Makes Alternator Upgrading Easy

    Thanks to Ron Francis Wiring’s new alternator wiring kits, now the only thing limiting your choice of alternator is the mount. Do you love the clean, internal fan look of a Ford 3G alternator but have earlier Ford 2G wiring? Or perhaps your power-hungry accessories are more than your Chevy 10si can handle. Or maybe you just need to rewire the alternator circuit only. Ron Francis Wiring makes alternator upgrades easy!

    These alternator wiring kits are available for all popular GM and Ford alternators, including 2G through 6G units. They come complete for easy plug and play installation including either 6 or 8 gauge charge wire (depending on unit style), any adapters needed, and quality GXL insulation for added heat protection and peace of mind.
    For additional information please visit www.ronfrancis.com or call 610-485-1981

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