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    • Pro-Touring.com 2012 SEMA dinner shirt design

      Once again I need to thank Ben Hermance for another amazing SEMA dinner shirt design. Each year he tops the last and this year is no different. For a number of years now I have been seeing more and more trucks at events. This year not only are there more of them some people are winning events with them. So, with this looking like the year of the truck explosion I asked Ben to put a truck on our shirt.

      You can see other work by Ben Hermance and purchase other apparel on his web site found at http://www.hermancedesign.com

      Would you like a free collectible SEMA dinner shirt? Come join us at our 12th annual dinner brought yo you by optima batteries, Hotchkis Sport Suspension and Detroit Speed & Engineering. Visit the link below for more info and to buy your tickets before it sells out.


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