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    • Track Ready Fuel Tanks From Rick's and Vaporworx

      Rickís Hot Rod Shop is proud to announce their new series of competition ready, street friendly, and show winning stainless steel fuel tanks. Utilizing the latest in OE technologies these new tanks are a complete fuel delivery system that makes installation and maintenance easy while keeping the overall cost affordable.

      This new design has been extensively tested in both the real world and laboratory. Road course testing has shown that the new tank design is very capable to less than one gallon of fuel remaining in the tank. Also, in the very capable hands of Mary Pozzi, the tank was subjected to five consecutive (no breaks) one-minute high-speed autocross runs, followed by 10 minutes of fun time around the course. Starting with just under four gallons in the tank, the fuel delivery was flawless. Laboratory tests have confirmed that at very low fuel levels when only one corner pickup is used, i.e. hard cornering, that just over one minute of full pump output can be delivered to the engine before the module reservoir runs dry. Thatís serious performance.

      For more information follow along in the discussion on our forum at


      or visit Rick's hotrod shop at http://www.rickstanks.com

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