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    • New Product from II Much Fabrication: FabBoss

      FabBosses are ideal for mounting electronic boxes, interior panels, fluid reservoirs, cable and plumbing runs, linkage bases, ground points, etc. They are mild steel, with a wall thickness of .060, so MIG welding to sheet metal is a quick operation. They can also be easily trimmed for welding to irregular surfaces, or notched for mounting to tube.

      Using FabBosses minimizes the aesthetic problem of protruding bolts or sheet metal screws, and eliminates that old problem of stripped sheet metal screw holes. It also speeds up the fabrication process in another way: bolt the device to a FabBoss, position it in place, and tack weld. Getting your MIG torch into tight places is always easier than a drill.

      One other feature is that the face has a rolled radius so they can be left visible in interior panels.

      Watch our blog (see signature) Ill be using them all over the place as our Unfair Project goes into high gear.

      Weve got them in stock at $7.50 apiece. For the time being, email me at [email protected].

      A new web store is now here http://www.iimuchfabrication.com

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      Comments 3 Comments
      1. TnBlkC230WZ's Avatar
        TnBlkC230WZ -
        Those would have come in handy for mounting my gas peddle.
      1. parsonsj's Avatar
        parsonsj -
        For sure. I'll be using them for Unfair's throttle pedal mount.
      1. BulldawgMusclecars's Avatar
        Very nice! I'll be contacting you shortly. Great problem solver.
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