• Calling the RAT PACK!

    I am calling on all the Rat Pack members! I hate for this to be our first official action, but then it is for a tribute to a great soul.
    The family of Todd Gartshore has asked that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Victory Junction Gang. I think it would be nice and a jester of kindness for everyone that is a Rat Packer to pool our donations and send it to them in Memory of our friend Todd. No need for huge donations, any amount is welcomed, the final donation will go as from the Rat Pack, not individual people.
    Anyone else interested in donating, feel free to contact me or just donate directly to Victory Junction in Memory of Todd.
    As a community I feel this is a great way to honor his memory. If everyone likes, we could make a huge donation and call it the Rat Pack and Friends tribute to Todd.
    If you are interested in donating, you can paypal me at billybigblock @ gmail DOT com.
    Do it as a gift, since it is and note it as donation to the Victory Junction Gang, in memory of Todd Geartshore.

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