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06-11-2013, 12:50 PM
I am looking at getting out of the military, and my way out is going to be going back to school for my BS in engineering. I am looking to see if there are any shops out there that have any part time work available, and will be willing to work around a school schedule. I live in the Temecula area and school is in San Diego. If you think you may have work please let me know. I am just doing research at this time but I am pretty strong about going through with this. I will include a little about myself below. if you are interested and think we may be able to work this together please let me know and I will email you my resume and my military biography.

7+ years in the Army national Guard as an NCO in a Reconnaissance MOS (4+ years of active federal service)
Extensive work with foreign governments as well as special operations training
Afghanistan Veteran
Qualified Army instructor
Years of instructional experience with various different training positions
Secret security clearance
Numerous schools and extensive knowledge in weapons and communications

Certified commercial diver/tender
Certified welder 4G/3G SMAW/FCAW/GMAW
Wet welder (underwater welding) certification 4G pipe
Extensive fabrication background in all aspects of welding/fabrication. Heavy fab (structural) to light fab (robotics, automotive, etc)
Machine shop experience with manual and CNC control
AutoCAD experience
Design experience
Limited electrical experience

2 years of school towards Motorsports technology degree
In the auto hobby for 12 years
Experience in all aspects of automotive work
Chassis design
Engine machine shop experience
Engine assembly
Panel replacement
Limited auto transmission repair experience
cylinder head design / fuel management experience
flow bench experience
Extensive knowledge of 68-72 GM A-bodies as well as experience with several other cars.

There is a lot more, I have a full resume prepared if you are interested. I am highly motivated to work and accomplish my tasks. I am a non smoker, drug free person (I am not a drinker by any means either). I have references of all types ranging from high ranking Generals and Successful well respected business owners, to friends that I have know and worked alongside for years. I have my own tools and welders of various capabilities. As I said if you think that I may be an asset to your shop and that you can accommodate me please let me know.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to any questions any of you may have

-Tom Sheppard

If you are interested in seeing a fraction of what I am capable of even in non ideal conditions check out my build thread.