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04-10-2013, 06:14 PM
Early Friday morning, as I found my grid stall and unloaded my car, I could see a beautiful second gen Camaro on jack stands at the end of the row with the wheels laying on the ground. A couple of guys were working on the car chasing a problem with the rear brake calipers. Before long my friend asked a few questions and he had his head stuffed under the right rear fender well changing braided lines and helping to bleed the brakes. In the first hour or so, the first guy had run to his trailer several times to retrieve parts, tools, brake fluid, towels, and anything else necessary to diagnose the brake system. About every 45 minutes or so the manís wife would come over, talk to her husband, and he would walk over to his car, buckle in a passenger and himself, then race around the autocross course. Immediately following his runs, he would return to the second gen quickly drop to his knees and stuff his head back into the fender well to continue working on fixing the brake problem. It wasnít until after the lunch break and four rounds of competition were complete before the Camaro was buttoned up and on its way.

Two things were very clear from watching this guy and my friend working on the second gen. One, this guy is a great mechanic; thorough, detail orientated, systematic, and very familiar with Camaros. Two, this autocross thing is second to his passion for cars and compassion to help others in the car community.

There have been a lot of stories and comments about a great time, BBQs, ugly shorts, the high lights and low lights, and who beat whom by how much. I just thought Iíd share this story about a great guy and racer that no one would have known about if they were not at Del Mar on Friday morning.