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09-20-2012, 07:49 AM
Hi Everyone!

The twelfth episode of Cars For a Living is now out. You can find the show on the website at the link below!

Cars For a Living - Episode #12

In this episode of Cars For A Living we tackled the second part of our series of "How to Market" an automotive business, concentrating solely on the relatively cheap online options of automotive forums, Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads, etc., culminating with perhaps the most important online method of all, your own personal or company website.

The good news about the online options is that unlike TV, Print, and Radio (like we covered in the last show), they really don't cost all that much - at least in dollars. The flip side is that to do them right, they take a lot of time (online marketing is a TWO WAY conversation with your customer base).

During the show we especially touched on which options work best for which industry and how much time to really put into it.

Cars For a Living - Episode #12 (http://www.themusclecarplace.com/cars-for-a-living-podcast-12-how-automotive-forums-facebook-and-your-own-website-can-be-a-cheap-way-to-market-your-business)

Rob K

10-07-2012, 10:04 PM
Love this show funny stuff! Its not sci fi but its really pretty good!