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08-28-2012, 05:55 PM
Hello all. I have a Monte Carlo SS that Ive had for nearly 20 years now. It hasnt been touched in several years, but I have lots of parts saved up and even more ideas saved up. It will be a while before it is anywhere near being finished but it is being painted right now. Not exactly the order I had planned to do things, but I had to move it from my rental property where i had it stored and my shop at the new house ( 48x32 garage ) isnt ready. So, it went to the body shop. Means I will have to be extra careful while doing the rest of the work.

Plans are loosely as follows and could change as i move forward-as all plans do ;

Black paint with stock SS stripes reapplied. Black interior with perforated leather inserts in seats and red stitching. Momo steering wheel, Speedhut gauges, Hurst shifter. The theme for the car is basically stock appearing from a distance and a road race look when looking closer--probably no chrome within a block of this car. Brushed aluminum, paint, powdercoat, braided hoses and stainless hard lines. Black inside and outside, dark grey chassis with black components and red highlights throughout--hence the Black Widow theme. Nothing gaudy like spiders or spider webs-maybe the text 'Black Widow' on the valve covers or something??

Lowered pro touring suspension--tubular control arms front and rear--undecided on brand at this time-several options. Most likely will go with Ridetech kit with coil overs. It currently has Belltech lowered spindles, springs and shocks all the way around.

I currently have a new set of 17x8 Boyd Coddington Magneato wheels--but man are they heavy--I may go with something lighter and a little wider in the rear. Maybe even some mini tubs and a frame notch? The weak point with the monte ss as far as looks IMO is the front wheels looking too small in most cases. I like the look of the Rushforth Black Widows and they have the right name-lol. I will probably have a set of wheels with extra sticky tires for track days. This car will see the track some when it is finished as well. I have a long line of racing in my family-I raced karts for a while and miss the speed rush.

Brakes will be Wilwood 4 wheel discs-likely with a manual master cyinder.

SBC carburated with a T56. Plan for fairly mild engine--Etec heads and HOT cam with 6 inch rods and forged flat top pistons with some spray--already have all of the parts NIB except for the heads. Probably somewhere around 400 hp without the nitrous.

Serpentine belt drive.

Steering box and steering pump will be changed over to something better suited to road race.

Not sure of rear diff--9 inch ford or 12 bolt gm probably.

the only body mods i have planned is a metal cowl induction hood with a 'flapper' grafted from an SS Chevelle hood leftover from an old project and cutting the trunk floor out for a fuel cell and battery box.

I plan to box the stock frame, add bracing and replace all suspension and brake components. Nothing ground breaking with this build, just plan to do it all as clean and neat as possible and make it look like it was meant to be that way. Undecided on cage/rollbar.

Ive really enjoyed reading about yalls projects and envy the skills of a lot of yall. I look forward to getting to the point of being able to post some pictures of my ride.

08-29-2012, 05:47 AM
man o man...Monte's are quickly becoming the new 69' camaro on this site!!!!

Welcome and feel free to ask any questions!

08-29-2012, 07:20 AM
Sounds like a cool project!

Welcome from another Monte SS owner!

08-29-2012, 12:54 PM
man o man...Monte's are quickly becoming the new 69' camaro on this site!!!!

Welcome and feel free to ask any questions!

Thanks! Ive already gone over your build a few times.

Yeah, the Montes are getting popular---so popular in fact, I am having a hard time finding a trunk lid for mine.

I forgot to mention, I also have a 1989 S10 that may get a little 'pro touring' action. I might use the Boyds wheels on it and I have a rear diff from a 1995 Z28 with disc brakes that I may put on it ( the brakes-not the diff ) I already have the spindles that will be coming off the Monte to lower the S10--just need the leafs for the rear. It is a 4.3 with a 700 trans and only has 70k miles--I wont touch the drivetrain-just lower it and put some better brakes, wheels and tires on it.

08-30-2012, 07:49 AM
Have you asked on www.montecarloss.com about the trunk lid?

08-30-2012, 08:03 AM
Have you asked on www.montecarloss.com about the trunk lid?

Yeah, I had a 'wanted' thread over there for some parts I need. I got a reply from someone in California with a trunk lid--Im in Georgia. He did offer to ship it, so I may go that route, I just fear shipping it that far would result in a piece of scrap metal.