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07-09-2012, 08:35 PM
Hi, everyone. I finally registered after reading through many of the posts here at pro-touring.com while planning my next project - a '72 Camaro that is going to be a track-day car. I'm an instructor for NASA HPDE events and used to drive a former Bondurant school Roush Mustang. I sold the Bondurant car to a friend a couple of years ago to buy the lovely Mrs. Midlife a '67 Camaro convertible with a 396 and a M22 4-speed. While taking time off from track-days, I've been finishing-up a three year build of a Factory Five Cobra replica. I began looking for a replacement track car this past winter. After seeing a few LS-powered 2nd generation F-bodies at the track recently, I decided that may be a good route for me to go. After quite a bit of exploration, I began the search for a decent 70-73 Camaro to use as the basis for my build. The one I found is a relatively solid two-owner car with 62k miles on the original 307 and powerglide. As of now, the plan is to source an LS / T-56 combo for it, then add track-worthy suspension, brakes, and safety equipment. DSE is on the top of my list as a parts-supplier, but I'm open to learning about the many other companies that provide quality parts that may suit my needs. It will also get A/C and a stereo (things I usually shun on a track car) so that I can get some road use out of it, too. I'm also hoping to leave the exterior patina and vinyl top as-is, while adding an early 2nd generation low rear spoiler, a blacked-out rear light panel, flat-black Z28 stripes, front air dam, and highly-detailed engine bay (to accent the new motor).

My "new" Camaro was loaded on the truck in California this past Sunday and should arrive here in Illinois later this week! Although the DSE '70 Camaro test mule is my reference, here's a "before" picture:


07-09-2012, 10:18 PM
welcome aboard Chris! very nice camaro!!

Peter Mc Mahon
07-09-2012, 11:43 PM