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05-11-2012, 08:28 PM
Hey guys. I'm real late posting this but coaching 2 little league teams has literally kept me off my home computer nearly every day since RTTS. I just counted 2 days off since this event, both due to rain. :) In fact, I know a lot of folks missed this year because it was Easter, but that is the only reason I could go on Saturday this year because no baseball on Easter weekend

Anyway, I wanted to thank Bill and his family, Brian, and all the other folks that helped put on this great event. I had so much fun it's crazy. God knows I beat that car as hard as I could. Someday I'll have more time for all these events and trek out to other events, like RTTH and so forth.

I also wanted to thank RideTech for sponsoring the "Renegade Award", which I was given at RTTS. According to the American Street Car Series website:
"RideTech Renegade Award (http://americanstreetcarseries.com/?page_id=351)"

The RideTech Renegade Award will be presented to the person who demonstrates the ability to “do the most with the least”. This person will not necessarily be the fastest lap time, have the best looking car, or be the winner of the event [although they could be]. It should be someone who is mostly “unsponsored”, who has built most of the car in their own garage, and who has obviously put considerable time and effort into educating themselves about how to improve the performance of their car and executing the changes necessary to achieve that.

So that is pretty cool. Reading that now I think I met that description pretty good.

Not the fastest? Check! But to my surprise I was not the slowest in any event either!
Not the best looking? Check! But hey, she's a nifty 25 footer!
Mostly “unsponsored”? Check! How about fully unsponsored lol - except for the support of my wife & friends!
Built in their own garage? Check!
Time and effort into educating themselves? Check. It's got a pile of small but effective upgrades in her and I'm far from done. I like to kid 20 years ago my car would have been bad ass lol. Especially considering the old school 15s I'm rocking right now I think I did pretty damn good for a first time lol.

So yeah, reading that description I think I met all those qualifications. So I guess Bill & Brian thought the same as they gave me this cool award. I am ever so thankful for that. I spent 2 hours the next day on an Amtrak train to DC (meeting up with the family - my wife is great letting me race during family vacation time) reading the RideTech catalog to see all the cool stuff I could get, and all the tech info. I didn't realize how many different products they sold, you should check them out. Way more then just shock waves.

$500 gift certificate - woot!
Cool looking award
My beaten & dirty car, next to her new stablemate, an 81Z

Right now I think I want to use the $500 towards my 67, looking at that TruTurn setup. I looked at it for a while at SEMA too, seems perfect for what I want to achieve with that car-heavy emphasis on the tour in ProTouring. I guess I need to talk to Bret or someone at RT to find out if/when this expires, and all that. And to say thanks again. And again.

So anyway, thanks for the award, for the great time, for meeting new and old friends, and beating up some cars. Can't wait to do it again but maybe with some more HP, better hoops!

PS: hey, how do I get the cool RTTS shield under my signature? :)

05-12-2012, 06:06 AM
Congrats on the Renegade award! It has to be nice to be rewarded for your efforts...

Keep up the good work with the coaching thing too. I know it takes a lot of time, but it's worth every minute.

Click on the awards tab at the top of the page. Then request the award you are eligble for.

05-12-2012, 04:44 PM
Congrats on the award Scott .
Your car ( and you ) are truly inspirational .

05-12-2012, 07:17 PM

Congrats again on the award, couldn't have gone to a better guy!

See, even Dad can get a trophy... and it sure beats those 3' plastic deals you get after a season of blood, sweat and tears on the Little League field....haha