View Full Version : Z-bar hitting headers, help please....

09-02-2004, 11:04 AM
Hey everybody, I have a huge problem. As some of you know I have a 68 Camaro with a 468 BBC in it and I am putting in the TKO-600. Full converson from AT to stick. I am in the process of mock up to measure the rearend length, but I was playing around with the Z bar and I noticed it was going to hit the headers. I have Hooker Comp headers made for my Camaro, and I called Hooker and they said it should bolt right up. Well mine is not. Has anybody else run into this problem? If so how was it fixed? Also I am running solid motor mounts and still have the SBC frame mounts. But from what I can tell the Z bar will hit either way.... Or does the Frame mounts move the motor that much? I can't even draw a line from the block where it is supposed to go to the Frame bracket because the headers are there..

Any help appreciated...

09-07-2004, 07:08 PM
i have the same headers with a BBC and with a quick mock up it looks close, verry close, i didnt play with it too much because i realized i F'ed up and forget the clutch fork piviot ball, and pulled everything back apart. ill let you know what i end up with in the next few days, unless you have alredy solved this problem, then please share with the rest of us.