View Full Version : Run to the Alamo- Registration is now open!

Bill Howell
12-19-2011, 02:03 PM
OK guys, we have our registration page open now and have RTTA ready for you to sign up. simply go here (http://americanstreetcarseries.com/?page_id=425) and register. Then you will get an email reminding you of payment, our PayPal account and our physical address if you need to send check or money order. As promised, we will advertise only here and Lateral-g and our facebook page for the first two weeks, in hope to get a venue full of protouring (1987 and older) cars. Then we will open it up to other sites to get newer cars.
Thanks guys.

Bill Howell
12-19-2011, 07:37 PM
BTW guys, once you register, you will be getting an email from "JESS". That is my daughter, Jessica Howell for those that have not met her yet. She is the first "PAID" employee of American Street Car Series, though Brian, Yancy, Melinda and myself are also here. We work for tracktime....haha. So, First, welcome Jessica to the club and Second, have no fear, I see every email she sends out.

12-19-2011, 08:06 PM
Welcome Jessica!

Registered and paid...... now if February could get here that fast.

Will you have a host hotel?


Bill Howell
12-19-2011, 08:10 PM
Yes we do have a host Hotel.
Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites New Braunfels
Ph: 830.626.3133
Fax: 830.626.3711

Be sure and let them know you are part of the Bill Howell group. Verify if needed with Mary Rowland

01-11-2012, 07:10 AM
I have Registered. However I need to clairfy if my car qualifies for the novice road course event. According to the ASCS rules quote "___ ___ SEAT BELTS: Securely mounted, metal-to-metal buckles, webbing free of frays, brittleness and excessive age. Belts include a lap and shoulder restraint (i.e. lap belts only are not allowed). 3,4 or 5 Point Harness belts must be properly routed per manufacturer’s installation directions."

My 65 olds is a lap belt only factory car?

01-11-2012, 06:55 PM
Registered and paid. Is there an itinerary for each of the day, in term of starting times?

01-12-2012, 09:21 AM
Finally something in texas!!